Jeff Arnold raise from the dead!


I believe that Brother Arnold was preaching in Columbia Georga; when something amazing happened to him. He was telling the people that if he could just convince them that what he was say was true that miracles and healing would take place. The next thing that happened He fell over dead. There were doctors, and nurses present they ran to his aid. They checked his body and pronounced him died. He had no pulse and no vital signs for 10-15 minutes. The group began to pray and all at once Rev Arnold opened his eyes, and set up. He then got up and began to tell the congregation that he had told them if they would just believe God would work miracles.The place exploded with praise, the deaf could hear, the spirit was moving mightily, and many other miracles of healing took place.

God is moving in a might way to show that He is real, and to prove He’s not on vacation. God doesn’t like troubles so he has the power to just get  rid of them. But before your troubles become God’s you must call on him, and ask him to guide you on the right path to salvation. Read under the blog section the plan of salvation and start your journey! You can start today on a Holy Ghost journey, it will take you to miracles, healing, and ultimately eternal life.

There are links to several web-sites that will help guide you in your spiritual quest. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

You’re Servant in Christ,

Dr. James Roy Pence

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